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Got myself some new kicks! For school but i gotta come out with some fresh kicks when I start UW Tacoma next week yo ! Blaney by Uggs !! lol I think my mom was right for calling me a “Sneaker Pimp” I own too many …… 😔. OH WELL , it is what it is LMFAO . I just love shoes ! 😁😍 I’m a shoeaholic / sneakerpimp #shoeaholic #sneakerpimp #uggs #blaney #sneakers #iloveshoes #myaddiction #agh #shoes #uggaustralia #yayme

bigblackbyrd98 asked:

What's your 5 favorite quotes from G-eazy?


In his songs?

1. She wears a ring, came through without it. You really think she stay true? I doubt it, cuz im fucking your girlfriend and theres nothing you can do about it.

2. Flip another 50s song, thats a classic, endless summer go back to that shit. Aint shit changed, got the facts to back it.

3. She took another shot said turn down for what, i dont know, fucking look like you might throw up

4. Every night im pulling trojans out the night stand cuz every night im pulling bitches from the mic stand

5. Literally every line in Marilyn

6. Youre pretty as fuck and im trying to slay, lets do this right now is what im trying to say

7. Moaning is how is how i wanna make you sound

I dont have just 5 sorry

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